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About Us


About Us
Our Company.

When you wish to reach out for excellent engineering solutions, Gaskon Engineers is a perfect place for industrial needs! - Our Blubuild.

We craft engineering solutions that are intended to fulfil all needs!

Gaskon Engineers was founded in 1999. The company aimed to provide front foot solutions to the industries dealing with technological products that include gases. The manufacturing of the products by us ensures quality and technology. The solutions are built with the complete consent of the customer and its requirements!

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Our Standard Services

The services of our firm are moulded as per the latest demands and technology.

Gaskon Engineers team is fond of providing quality, high performing, innovative and reputed engineering solutions.

Bio Gas Plant

A biogas plant is a facility that provides oxygen-free conditions where anaerobic digestion can occur.

Nitrogen PSA

PSA Nitrogen Gas generators are used to manufacture multiple reactors, pressure vessels, columns, adsorbers, heat exchangers, tanks etc.

Oxygen Plant

The oxygen plants are highly efficient and promising when it comes to producing effective solutions.

Hydrogen Plant

It is a suitable technology for the production of hydrogen for customers that are looking for solutions that are simple, safe, and reliable


“Gillette India Ltd”

The services provided by Gaskon Engineers are extremely satisfying. The technical trends and knowledge lead to the solutions that are held up with the design skills.

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“Aditya Birla Group”

The project implementation provided by Gaskon engineers are highly efficient and cost-efficient too.

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Freequently Ask Questions

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01.What happens to gas generators when gas consumption is lower than its capacity?

The gas generator is responsible for working for 24-hours. An automatic pressure switch stops the Gas generator. When the pressure in the Nitrogen tank decreases due to the continuous gas consumption, the pressure switch immediately restarts the Gas generator.

02.Does this Gas generator require an operator?

There is no need for continuous supervision. Once started, it can be kept unattended. Various instruments are monitoring and controlling the working of the Gas generator automatically.

03.Does a gas generator make any noise?

The noise level produced by a gas generator is usually less than 75dbA at an average of 1-meter distance. A very strong and effective silencer is placed and provided in the exhaust line of the gas generator. The total Gas Generator Package is therefore considered to be “very silent”.

04.What is the purity of Nitrogen gas?

There are various models available that produce Nitrogen gas from 95% to 99.9999% purity. The oxygen level obtained from these is as low as 1-ppm and Dew Point up to (-) 80°C.

05.Is it easy to install a gas generator?

Yes, it is easy to install a gas generator. A gas generator contains fully equipped steel frames placed on the floor. You can connect to the power and make the gas generator ready for the start up. We aim to provide various services that will help our clients to supervise the installation of a gas generator and its commissioning at the site.

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