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PSA Nitrogen

PSA Nitrogen

PSA nitrogen gas generators are productive in producing high priority and high flow on-site gas generation. These generators are a perfect replacement for bulk supplies of expensive and erratic gas supply from merchants in cylinders. The more advanced technologies are used by the pressure swing adsorption PSA. This makes it an ideal choice to fulfil the on-site requirement of pure nitrogen inert gas

Flow Range 1 Nm3/hr to 1500 Nm3/hr
Nitrogen Purity 98% to 99.9999%
Dew Point (-) 60°C to (-)80°C
Pressure Direct delivery at 5 bar(g) pressure and higher pressures available with optional booster compressor

Work Process

The atmospheric air is a combination of 78% of nitrogen. The PSA process utilizes cms to attract and extract nitrogen from atmospheric air. The process of PSA consists of two vessels filled with carbon molecular sieves and activated alumina.

Now clean compressed air is passed through one of the vessels and pure nitrogen comes out as the product gas. Oxygen, which is the exhaust gas, is vented in the atmosphere.

After the duration of sometimes upon saturation of the molecular sieve, the process switches nitrogen generation to the other bed by automatic valves, which allows the saturated bed to undergo the regeneration process by the pressure rising and purging at atmospheric pressure.

Therefore these two vessels keep cycling alternatively in nitrogen production and regeneration. This ensures that the nitrogen gas is available continuously for the processes.


Oxygen 0.1 to 5%
Hydrogen Nil
Nitrogen 95 to 99.9%
Dew Point (-) 40°C to (-) 80°C
Oxygen 1-ppm to 3-ppm (max)
Hydrogen 0.5% or more
Nitrogen Balance
Dew Point (-) 40°C to (-) 80°C
Oxygen 1-ppm to 500-ppm O2
Hydrogen Nil
Nitrogen 99.95% to 99.99999%
Dew Point (-) 40°C to (-) 80°C
Oxygen 1-ppm
Hydrogen Nil
Nitrogen 99.9999%
Dew Point (-) 40°C to (-) 80°C


There are numerous models which are available to produce nitrogen gas from 95 % to 99.999% purity. The level of oxygen can be obtained as low as 1 PPM and dew point up to -80°C.

There is no requirement of continuous supervision if it is once started then it can be left unattended. Multiple instruments can monitor and control the running of gas generation automatically.

Nitrogen generators are indeed tailored as per the customer's specifications and requirements of nitrogen purity and nitrogen capacity.

The life of molecular sieves is approximately 10 years and in many cases, they can last for the lifetime of the gas generator. It might be possible that life is reduced by oil in the air. Therefore it is advisable to use and it is essential to use special pre-filters if lubrication did air is used and filters should be placed at a particular interval of time.

Yes, it is very easy to install these cash in raters as they are supplied fully assembled on steel frames which are kept on the floor you just have to simply connect the power and the gas generator and it becomes reading for startup we provide services of our engineers to supervise its installation and commencement at the site.

The noise created by these generators is less than 75dbA at a 1-metre distance. A very effective silencer is installed in the exhaust line therefore the total gas generation package is very silent.

The maintenance schedule is mentioned in the operation manual. The maintenance is very much limited and only replacement of filter elements and preventive maintenance in the air compressor is required.

Online oxygen analysers continuously monitor the purity of nitrogen and shut down immediately the gas generator automatically drops the purity level below the set limit along with an alarm.

The gas generator designed by us is designed to run continuously all 24 hours. But in this case, if gas is not consumed if consumption is very low the pressure gradually builds up in the nitrogen storage tank. An automatic pressure switch stops the gas generator when the pressure in nitrogen tanks falls due to continuous gas consumption; the pressure switch automatically restarts the gas generator.

The only expense factor included in this gas generation is electricity for the air compressor. It is a great option to save big when you install such a gas generator. The payback period is only 1 to 2 years.

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